General Ordering Instructions
  • Contact us at for any questions or assistance
  • We will provide personalized service and help you every step of the way!
  • Please let us know the item number you are ordering, for example:
"Costume #1 Poltava Red"   or   "Boots #1 Red"

Costumes Ordering Instructions
  • To ensure accuracy of your order, we need customers to provide
    required measurements to

Boots and Shoes Ordering Instructions
  • To ensure the correct fit for boots and shoes, please provide the following measurements:
US shoe size  
1) Ball of foot
2) Arch
3) Heel
4) Ankle
5) Calf
Click here:
Instructions on how to measure your foot
  • Please let us know if your calf (leg) is extra wide
  • If you are ordering extra-high boots, please let us know the desired boot height  

Ordering Instructions