Hutsul Costume #1:  
Size S - M: $105
Size L: $107
Size XL: $112
Size XXL: $114
Please inquire about larger sizes.
(Add $25 shipping to all above)

Please provide your measurements:
1) Height
2) Circumference of chest, waist and hips
3) Circumference of neck
4) Shoulder width - the distance from the
top of the left shoulder to the top of the right
5) Sleeve length. Please measure from
the shoulder bone to wrist bone
6) Inseam - measurement on the inside of the
leg, from  crotch to the ankle bone
7) Length from the waist to the ankle bone
If you would like to buy individual items from
the costume (sizes S-M), the prices are

Hutsul vest – $43.00
Shirt - $27
Pants - $35.00

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Ukrainian Hutsul Costume #1