Hutsul Costume #1.2:  (shirt, vest, pants, sash)
Size S - M: $122
Size L: $124
Size XL: $129
Size XXL: $131
Please inquire about larger sizes.
(Add $25 shipping to all above)
Please provide your measurements:
1) Height
2) Circumference of chest, waist and hips
3) Circumference of neck
4) Shoulder width - distance from the top of the left
shoulder to the top of the right shoulder
5) Sleeve length. Please measure from shoulder
bone to wrist bone
6) Inseam - measurement on the inside of the leg,
from  crotch to the ankle bone
7) Length from waist to ankle bone             
Individual items from the costume (sizes S-M)
Hutsul vest – $50.00
Shirt - $29
Pants - $29.00
Sash - $14, Hat - $28
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Ukrainian Hutsul Costume #1.2
Hats are sold separately in our
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