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    dancing boots /ukrainian dance boots, hutsul slippers / hutsul opanky / hutsul
    postoly, hussar boots; Ukrainian tablecloths and runners!

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  • We custom design and produce beautiful, authentic traditional costumes,
    clothing, and linens in Ukraine...we accept payment in the USA

  • We make Ukrainian costumes and clothing for women, men and children:
Poltava costume, Hutsul costume, TransCarpathian costume, Volyn costume,
Bukovyna, Western and Central Ukrainian costume     

  • We sell direct to you our customers.  All items are shipped directly from   
    Ukraine to customers worldwide...USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia

  • Our satisfied customers include:  professional dance groups, theater groups,
    SCA, LARP, businesses, churches, wedding planners, families, individuals, etc

  • We welcome customized orders...we work directly with you to ensure your  
personalized requirements are met in every way  

  • We ship all sizes of orders, from single items to large quantities

  • Contact us at vika1147@yahoo.com
Traditional Ukrainian Costumes: Ukrainian shirt, Ukrainian blouse, Ukrainian dress, Poltava
costume, Hutsul costume, Transcarpathian costume, Volyn costume, Ukrainian dance boots,
Hutsul slippers, Hutsul leather belt, sash, vest; Ukrainian tablecloth and runner
Current events in Ukraine have no impact on our business.
All the orders will be delivered on time!